Lawn Soldiers
Landscape Design
Planning is paramount. Each job begins by performing a site analysis and assessing your needs and desires. Every aspect of your design deserves expert attention. Our team of qualified, professional landscape designers are at your disposal.
Lawn Soldiers
Landscape Installation
Quality driven from beginning to end, our landscape installation division understands materials, plants, soils, and site conditions. We have the expertise and the technology to get the job done. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service by combining extraordinary attention to detail with reliability and value.
Lawn Soldiers
Residential Lawn Mowing Services
When our troop truck pulls up to your home, our LAWN SOLDIERS spring into action. This limited, yet efficient service is precise and economical. For only $35 per week we'll mow your front, side and backyard. We'll edge along curbing and sidewalks. We'll trim around fences and trees. Plus, we'll clean-up after the job is done. Call us today for all of the details.
Lawn Soldiers
Commercial / Residential Property Maintenance
Our property maintenance division provides a complete range of outdoor services for any type of commercial property or personal residence. We're equipped to handle jobs that require intensive field operations. At Authentic Landscape, Ltd. we strive to operate at peak efficiency whether we're engaged in a single job or long-term contract. Our highly-skilled personnel are capable of all routine and scheduled maintenance and grounds keeping.
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